Node.js & Development Framework(1) – Node.js

One day, someone introduced me  a framework easy for Full Stack development. Isn’t it good? Say frankly, it’s somewhat so tough to building, customizing & tuning OS / WAS? The names are Node.js & other related framework Let’s start with Node.js Wiki: Let me begin with some good points of Node.js Threading –  Unlikely existing WAS,… Read More »

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Designating metadata store as Maria DB to Hive

Installing Maria DB Installation: Check installed  existing Maria DB by “rpm -qa” command Configuring repository: Add Mariadb.repo Installing by “yum install” command DB Start / Change Password Check Connection / chkconfig on for service control automation Configuring Permission (External Connection): Installing Driver: Getting jdbc URL: Hive Configuration hive-site.xml: 1,512 total views, 6 views today

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R을 기반으로 한 빅데이터 분석 특강 후기R – Lecture Note

* 이 포스팅은 (주) 박영사에서 출판되는 한성대학교 권혁제 교수님의 “Dance with R”  저서 특강 참여 후기입니다. * 포스팅을 고려하지 않은 후기이므로 사진이 없습니다. ㅜㅜ 날씨가 추워지는 어느 날, 회사 벽에 위 그림과 같은 포스터가 붙었다. “Dance with R”  공짜.. 아니 무료 강좌입니다. 저자의 서명이 들어간 저서 증정 이벤트! 도 있다고 한다. 이렇게 좋은 기회를 놓.칠.소.냐.… Read More »

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High CPU usage query & Adding Index

CASE: Specific query is consuming up CPU resource cause CPU Spike(100% usage) when the DB hit count is increased. Type: MSSQL 2012 In such a case, mostly the query is known, so it can be solved by creating index for this query. But in emergency status, when Application Designer is absent and when the instant response is needed by DBA… Read More »

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log truncate interruption – open transaction Case: DB Type: MS SQL 2012 DB Recovery Model: Full One day, Growing DB log size is pressing the Disk space, it almost full. See the status of db files, the log file size has been increased very big though the transaction log backup task has been taking regularly. Once to handle this situation, just trying… Read More »

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Apache Giraph – From installation to Example execution

In this article, let me look into Apache Giraph and let’s run the example “SimpleShortestPathsComputation” First, look at the introduction of Giraph ( Welcome to Apache Giraph! Apache Giraph is an iterative graph processing system built for high scalability. For example, it is currently used at Facebook to analyze the social graph formed by users and their… Read More »

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SSH / Key Setup for Seamless Authentication among AWS EC2 Servers

Prerequisite – In this post, it is supposed the EC servers to be exists the topic is related to the SSHD/SSH & Key concept Conditions – It is supposed that There are two EC servers The account of each server is default account, “ec2-user” URL of each server is, The default pem provided from AWS to… Read More »

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Data Mining Algorithm List Tree

related material: 『Data Mining』-written by Ian H. Witten Basic Data Mining Algorithm ├───Basic rule extraction: 1R ├───Statistical modeling: Simple Bayesian, Gaussian/Normal distribution (Numeric) ├───Divide-and-conquer method: decision trees ├───Association rule mining ├───Linear Model │               ├Mathmatical Prediction: Linear Regression │               ├Linear Category: Logistic Regression │… Read More »

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GMAIL SMTP Relay Test using openssl(Windows Environment)

텔넷을 사용하여 SMTP 통신 테스트 방법(SMTP Test over Telnet) How to send email using simple SMTP commands via Gmail? 윈도우 openssl 설치(Installing openssl for windows) OpenSSL for Windows: Download Open the command window and go to the bin folder under the openssl downloaded run commands below


Then test to send email using… Read More »

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Terms-C4.5(Pseudo Decision Tree Guidance System)

related material: 『Data Mining』-written by Ian H. Witten Category: Divide and conquer technique: Decision Tree Divide and conquer algorithms for Decision Tree So called “Top-down Pseudo Decision Tree Guidance Method Developed & improved J.Ross Quinlan(wiki)  The scheme based on the information gain is identical with the ID3 scheme basically The scheme which use the gain ratio is… Read More »

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