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Beethoven – Piano sonata No.14 Op.27 “Moonlight”

For Beethoven and his contemporaries, refer to the Wikipeida  [Beethoven – Piano sonata No.14 Op.27 “Moonlight : Pf. Lang Lang”] Because of prejudicing “Beethoven is too difficult” , I put aside his work but suddenly come to open my ear to those so that I feel this work more strongly.One day, after running across the animation”Nodame Cantabile”,… Read More »

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▶◀ 세월호 1주기 추모합니다 – 김창완밴드 / 노란리본

너를 기다려 네가 보고 싶어 교문에 매달린 노란 리본 너를 사랑해 목소리 듣고 싶어 가슴에 매달린 노란 리본 푸른 하늘도 초록나무도 활짝 핀 꽃도 장식품 같아 너의 웃음이 너의 체온이 그립고 그립다 노란 리본 2,864 total views, 3 views today

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[Music] Tango Lullaby – Halie Loren

cited from Official website: Halie Loren (born October 23, 1984) is an American singer and songwriter. Her 2008 CD They Oughta Write a Song won the 2009 Just Plain Folks award for Best Vocal Jazz Album[1] and subsequently received international distribution and acclaim,[2] becoming the No. 2-selling jazz album in Japan for 2010.[3] Her most recent album, Heart First, won JazzCritique Magazine’s Golden (top) prize in the… Read More »

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