Terms-Information gain ratio

related material: 『Data Mining』-written by Ian H. Witten Category: Divide and conquer technique: Decision Tree Information Gain Ratio : In Decision Tree structure, the creation of child node for a property is decided by the most biggest information gain. But the information gain is tend to prefer the property from which the more properties can be… Read More »

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Terms – information, bit

related material: 『Data Mining』-written by Ian H, Witten Category: Divide and conquer technique Information Caculating (Decision Tree) Rules yes or no: one of both is 0 – information value = 0 yes & no: Same number –  max information value Information follows multistage property For instance, in case of info([2,3,4]) , a data might belonged to… Read More »

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B2 Setup with Spring

1. Source Loading -> Tomcat load web.xml initially. 2. web.xml 2.1 filters loaded -> Spring Configuration Load * Several DispatcherServlet could be loaded order by the load-on-startup value (precedent check),cause corresponding to the servlet mapping can take part of front-end controller 2.2. Set dispatcher URI 2.3. dispatcher for backend (Refer to the ContextLoaderListener) 3. web.xml… Read More »

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Workbench/J – Installing and Setup in Command Line

Integration between database & systems usually requires some multi purposed tool, which provides some way to implement the automation like the command line interface, batch commands and so forth. In such a case, Workbench/j could be a useful tool for that. By this tool, you can do anything what you want, so it’s one of… Read More »

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Beethoven – Piano sonata No.14 Op.27 “Moonlight”

For Beethoven and his contemporaries, refer to the Wikipeida  [Beethoven – Piano sonata No.14 Op.27 “Moonlight : Pf. Lang Lang”] Because of prejudicing “Beethoven is too difficult” , I put aside his work but suddenly come to open my ear to those so that I feel this work more strongly.One day, after running across the animation”Nodame Cantabile”,… Read More »

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[MSSQL] Desizing the Transaction log

for further steps http://www.dbguide.net/db.db?cmd=view&boardUid=13957&boardConfigUid=9&boardIdx=74&boardStep=1 To desize the transaction log of statistical  database which is just for the log-likely data and of which the transaction log grows very fast, set the recovery option for that database as “SIMPLE” and truncate the log. Due to the queries to desize the logs are slightly different by the version… Read More »

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[MSSQL] CPU Usage Analysis / Queries

When usage of CPU increased in Database Server, use this query to check which is the most exhausting one.

Use below to check the detail with SPID:

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Message to the Hacker If Your Computer Got a Ransomware… :)

I don’t know who you are 너가 누군지 모른다 I don’t know what you want 너가 뭘 원하는지도 모른다. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money 만약 몸값을 원하는거라면 나한텐 그런 돈은 없다. But what I do have I have very particular set of skills 하지만 나한텐 특별한… Read More »

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▶◀ 세월호 1주기 추모합니다 – 김창완밴드 / 노란리본

너를 기다려 네가 보고 싶어 교문에 매달린 노란 리본 너를 사랑해 목소리 듣고 싶어 가슴에 매달린 노란 리본 푸른 하늘도 초록나무도 활짝 핀 꽃도 장식품 같아 너의 웃음이 너의 체온이 그립고 그립다 노란 리본 2,378 total views, 5 views today

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